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Kobe Fanatics Foul Out

More news in the Kobe Bryant case from Vail Daily. It seems that attacks on the victim are increasing. The latest story is chilling:

Break-in At Victim's House In Bryant Case

Late last week someone broke into the house, being relatively careful not to break anything, and nothing was stolen. But sources said the burglars also made it clear they wanted the victim and her family to know they had been there.

They said whoever broke in moved several items and locked the family dogs in a bathroom.

Regional law enforcement authorities said they are investigating the incident. So far, no arrests have been made.

And in what may be the stupidest display of blind loyalty to the Cult Of Kobe:

Iowa Man Arrested For Death Threat

FBI agents and Iowa City police arrested John William Roche, 22, at his home for leaving a telephone message that he would kill the 19-year-old Eagle County woman. Roche threatened to "kill" and "stick a coat hanger up your (expletive) ...," according to the indictment unsealed Thursday. The alleged victim received the message on her answering machine. If convicted, Roche could go to prison for up to five years and be fined up to $250,000
If this guy gets off without jail time it will be a travesty.


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Comments (2)

its funny before this whole... (Below threshold)

its funny before this whole kobe thing happend half of the people running of at the mouth are kobe fans but the minute this allegation came out peopel turnd on him you are all a bunch of f****hipocrits all you lil punck ass bustas need to step of first you put the man on a pedistal then boom you throw him down and crucify him no body knoes what realy happend but the two people involved in this matter has anyone stopped to think that maybe the good ol girl is lying like it would be the first time thats happend and as far as the assclown DA goes why doesnt this cheery ass try to make a name for himself at someone els expence he just got the job and all of a sudden oh my the great maybury pd nails kobe and bamm bitchass DA has a name for himself bottom line you all need to quit player hatin kobe is the nba wether people like him or hate him wiat till its proven that hes guilty then judge him becuose lets face it wich one of you hasnt f**** up at somepiont and think how you felt when people turnd on you even when you where innocent kobe is the NBA he is the man and i hope when hes proven innocent you all get bitchslapped becous i gaurunte you all pretend it never happend and when kobe wins his fourth nba title all you assclowns will be cherring kobes the man well i hope he comes out and tells all of you publicly FUCK YOU ALL SELLOUT BITCHASS MUTHERFUCKERS and just incase you jealous fools never hear him say it i just did

well i think kobe is innoce... (Below threshold)

well i think kobe is innocent well hes not innocent in the fact that he cheated on his wife but his wife looks like a damn ho any ways so who cares obviously not me and well i dont think he raped her i think shes just saying she got raped so everyone out there could no she got f*cked by kobe and so she can break up kobes family and wut my man mike is saying is true all u publicity people be saying he guilty and all this shit but when it turns out hes innocent ur gonna be like oh yea hi kobe can we interview u n all that shit well anyways thats all im sayin lates






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