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Permaroll Contest Winner

Kin has elected to forgo conventional weapons and instead produce the most shamelessly glorious link whoring post recorded in a long time. Susie the Pinger was vanquished by Kin, although there is no telling how she will respond. There is also no truth to the rumor that Kin single handedly caused the outage at the Ecosystem. For the record it's frozen in time until NZ Bear figures out his next move.

This weeks Permaroll Contest winner - Kin's Kouch

The Permaroll rotating spot will be up for grabs again next week. There is only one rule for entry: Link Wizbang. The blog with the most Technorati and Ecosystem (if it operational) links win the spot amongst the luminaries of the blogosphere for the week. Links are tallied every Friday at a time of my choosing.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Permaroll Contest Winner:

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» linked with Our Foes Flounder...

» linked with Filthy Lie roundup

Comments (4)

Congrats, Kin. Kevin, I ha... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Kin. Kevin, I have officially declared myself pro-Glenn Reynolds.

ThankyewVeryMuchI'... (Below threshold)


I'm the greatest link pimp of all tiiiiiimeessss!

Yay Jennifer!... (Below threshold)

Yay Jennifer!

And there you go...you're n... (Below threshold)

And there you go...you're now a Mortal Human. All is good.






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