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Phish Phood

From the ever entertaining Page Six:

Phish bassist Mike Gordon could be facing Class A misdemeanor charges for taking "art pictures" of a 9-year-old girl, but at least he's alive. The Hells Angels who jumped Gordon afterward not only beat him - they wanted to kill him. Gordon had whisked the child, daughter of an Angel, to a secluded boathouse during a Dead concert at Jones Beach. According to a witness, the father was ready to allow the musician to be summarily executed. After heated debate, it was decided it would be "bad press to kill him." The DA is still deciding how to charge Gordon, who has a Sept. 29 court date.
I knew about the arrest, but I had not heard about the Hells Angel connection. This guy is even dumber than I thought...


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The Hell's Angels are worri... (Below threshold)

The Hell's Angels are worried about bad press? The world has truly gone to heck.






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