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SportsBlog Update

Things are picking up steam at SportsBlog, but we still need more contributors. We've got an excellent group of bloggers currently filling the site with information. The site design is temporary, but with the football season bearing down on us it's time to get underway whether the final design is ready or not. The content is coming along nicely, but if you see holes in the coverage take that as a sign that we need your contributions and input.

If you can't stand waiting like me, stop by now and start slinging trash in the forums. Did I mention we are looking for a few veteran moderators?

If you are interested in contributing as an author send an e-mail to admin at sportsblog dot org, I'll sign you up and get you the simple posting instructions.

SportsBlog (henceforth known as "SB") co-founder Sean has a much more extensive announcement on the opening. It was just killing us both to not be up and running. Honestly, we both would have liked to have a few more weeks, but football is upon us. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!


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Comments (3)

I joined Sportsblog. It ne... (Below threshold)

I joined Sportsblog. It needs a new theme, though. subSilver sucks.

Kevin, If you'd like I can ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, If you'd like I can contribute for the Raiders, Giants (MLB), and Sharks (NHL).

I can contribute sports liv... (Below threshold)

I can contribute sports live lines if you want.







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