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Ugly Americans

Congratulations to US 100 meter sprinter Jon Drummond. Nothing like providing a little reinforcement to to "ugly american" stereotype, in France of all places.

Here's a few other links to the story: Washington Post, The Guardian


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Comments (5)

Huh. Drummond sounds like a... (Below threshold)

Huh. Drummond sounds like a jerk, but what a stupid freakin' rule.

A minor protest about a stu... (Below threshold)

A minor protest about a stupid rule. No biggie. The article I read indicated that the crowd was more upset with the officials than with him.

Still, imagine you're tryin... (Below threshold)

Still, imagine you're trying to explain to your toddler why grown-ups don't pitch tantrums. Then they see this kind of behavior. How are you going to explain that?


I was watching this. He got... (Below threshold)

I was watching this. He got soooo screwed. It was a bad bad call. I'm not sure I would have acted differently in his place.

Did he not know the rules b... (Below threshold)

Did he not know the rules before the race? Hello? Yeah, its a stupid rule, but most rules are stupid. Just follow 'em.






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