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Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 8

The Bonfire of the Vanities returns to illuminate your tranquil summers evening! The motto this week is "Pimps and Ho's" for reasons that will soon be obvious. All of this weeks entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire...

Bonfire of the Vanities

If you want to be reminded to enter the Bonfire each week via e-mail, subscribe to the Bonfire mailing list. If you just want to be reminded that you may have sucked last week check the Ecosystem.

On with The Playa's Convention...

Illuminating The Blogosphere With Their Crashing Dreams Of Greatness
  • Jane learns an important medical lesson from a banner ad: It's not always that "special itch".
  • In the midst of the biggest blackout since 1965, Rue writes about a haircut, cheese, and cartwheels. Hundreds of millions of people are glad they are without power.
  • Tiger ruminates on pointless parentheticals. He captures the essence of the "pointless" part to perfection.
  • McGehee leads you on a journey to the seventh circle of hell. Enjoy the trip, and don't forget to say "Hi" to Frank J. on your way down!
  • When Harvey is not busy fondling abused currency, he's sitting around twirling his feet. Anyone care to donate "a life" for Harvey?
  • Susie was stumping for Pixy Misa in the Sexiest Male Blogger contest. He must have incriminating photos of her…
  • Sean is trying to become the first Recall Election stalker. Everyone needs a goal…
  • Jeff goes shamelessly whoring for links. He manages to find but one.
  • Kin shows Jeff how to link whore.
  • Greg at Begging to Differ was brought in specifically to attract the stoned college student audience. He does not disappoint.
  • David has an e-mail meltdown. Even though it was on a Mac, using Mac software; Anti-Microsoft forces claim it as more evidence of the evil of Microsoft.
  • Pete wonders what Hollywood stars would be doing for careers had they not achieved stardom. For some reason "hooker" keeps coming up. Someone sure has a beef with hookers…
  • Adam shamelessly pimps himself out in the Sexiest Male Blogger contest. Somehow he managed to overcome Susie's endorsement of Pixy Misa and win. No truth to the rumor that the Daley machine was behind his victory.
  • I offer up this post where I detail my plan to screw with the value of Wizbang on Blogshares. Does anyone really care? I thought not...

Want To Join?
E-mail me a link to your worst post of the week and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Get your entries for next week's edition to me via e-mail by midnight EST Tuesday September 2th (Due to the holiday). Please use BOTV 9 Entry in the subject line. Need a reminder? Subscribe to the mailing list.


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Comments (1)

I'm confused, does this mak... (Below threshold)

I'm confused, does this make me a pimp or a ho?

Maybe I'm just that homeless guy on the corner, mumbling & spinning my feet?






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