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Iranian Weapons-Grade Uranium Found

As if you needed anymore reason to support revolutionary change in Iran...

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - U.N. inspectors have found traces of highly enriched, weapons-grade uranium at an Iranian nuclear facility, a senior diplomat said Tuesday, citing a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The find heightened concerns that Tehran may be running a secret nuclear weapons program.

Agency inspectors found "particles" of highly enriched uranium that could be used in a weapons program at the facility at Natanz, said the diplomat, who covers the activities of the U.N. nuclear watchdog and spoke on condition of anonymity.


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Comments (5)

gooo iran get the bomb kill... (Below threshold)
Islam will win:

gooo iran get the bomb kill israelis and americans we muslims loving god hate them terrorists murdering rasists people

gooo iran get the bomb kill... (Below threshold)
Islam will win:

gooo iran get the bomb kill israelis and americans we muslims loving god hate them terrorists murdering rasists people islam will kill them and americans and israelis will burn in hell i love it they are the real terrorists i love bin laden and hamas they are great warriors and their place is in heaven while all israelis are getting burned in hell where they belong go iran and islam we want more world trade center attacks i loved it and enjoyed it.

why are the israelis murder... (Below threshold)
justice for islam:

why are the israelis murdering judes allowed to have atomic bombs while islamic countries are not allowed to have them. The answer is america but islam will get them becausve we hate judes and we want them to die and go to hell and burn and suffer for ever. I love it when i see israelis getting murdered in buses when they are all bloody. Hamas and all palestinians are holy warriors for islamic victory we will kill the judish murderers Jerusalem belongs to palestine and islam and we will fight israel and their terrorist friend USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish Bin laden good luck i laughed when i saw world trade center americans derserve to die and go to hell they are rasists............. Bin laden and alqaida are peacefighters and so are hamas they are fighting for freedom for palestine and islam and god will help them becausce they are muslims go with good bin laden and hamas and all muslims!!!!!!

the israelis will pay for i... (Below threshold)

the israelis will pay for it all some beautiful day and so will all americans Jerusalem belongs to palestine and they will never stop fighting for freedom i hope there will be a war between iran and Usa becausce iran has a great military with milions of men and strong missiles and navy specially cruise missiles and speed boats but even submarines and they are good trained go USA make the move i dare you!!!!!!

You're all a bunch of simpl... (Below threshold)

You're all a bunch of simple-minded idiots.

I'm going to watch you lose from the comfort of my armchair.







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