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Jay Strikes!

Jay Solo has the lowdown on Frank's minions via their "new" logo. Jay we know you are just itching to say the words... I SUPPORT GLENN!

There is much discussion about the name by which the forces of the linkmaster shall go by, expect a major announcement soon. Remember it's all about the links; choose the wrong side and you'll be sniffing monkey butt...

Update: I forgot the new InstaPundit coffee mug design by Kin available soon at finer stores.


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Comments (4)

I still haven't been bribed... (Below threshold)

I still haven't been bribed by either side yet. TAM is still Switzerland.

but more American and with ... (Below threshold)

but more American and with less money.

So I have a choice of Glenn... (Below threshold)

So I have a choice of Glenn or the Axis of Naughty or creating a new front of my own, right?

Jay, join me in the "Neutra... (Below threshold)

Jay, join me in the "Neutral Until Bribed Coalition."






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