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Stormy Weather

Heres a shot of the storm that just rolled though. Why? Because the digital camera was handy...


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Comments (5)

Holy smokes--that looks exa... (Below threshold)

Holy smokes--that looks exactly what hit here about 2:00. I was going to write about it!

And a heinous storm it was ... (Below threshold)

And a heinous storm it was when it hit my neighborhood.

Ain't mother nature awesome... (Below threshold)

Ain't mother nature awesome? We had a few trees that looked like that and the sirens went off. Didn't turn out to be much of a storm. Then again, my perception might be off. After watching hundred mile an hour straight line winds blow over trees earlier this summer, a measly 50 plus doesn't seem so bad.

Hey Kev, your tree is crook... (Below threshold)

Hey Kev, your tree is crooked.

Yeah, I was driving in that... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I was driving in that. Add a little lightning and thunder directly overhead and it was a wee bit intense. *shudder* When the sky turned green I was just waiting for the funnel cloud to come down.

Weirdest thing? Ten minutes later I was driving in clear skies and sunshine (where the storm had already passed).






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