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Under The Knife

There is no medical procedure for career revival, unfortunately.

Sky News - Singer Barry Manilow is said to have had plastic surgery to his entire face - except the famous nose.

The 57-year-old is understood to have had a complete upper and lower facelift, including the removal of drooping skin from his eyelids and a skin tightening. But - pictured leaving a clinic after surgery wearing a woman's blonde wig - Manilow had apparently decided to retain his nose.

Manilow broke his famous nose in a strange accident at his California home in June.

Manilow said he had woken up in the night disorientated, walked into a wall in the dark and knocked himself out. He was unconscious for four hours and was warned he would need plastic surgery to avoid permanent facial disfigurement.


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So he wants to try to start... (Below threshold)

So he wants to try to start a new carreer? Hope not......






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