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Zap Went The Power

Parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland are still without power this evening as a second day of intense storms rolled through. Tonight my neighborhood joined the list. I'm at the office now to get some work done with intermitent blogging to break the monotomy.


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Comments (5)

Poor you! Hope the power is... (Below threshold)

Poor you! Hope the power is on soon, Kev.

Power companies really need... (Below threshold)

Power companies really need to work on ways to keep the power on more reliably. I feel your pain, here in the southeast the power flickers whenever there is a threatening cloud passing by.

here in the southeast th... (Below threshold)

here in the southeast the power flickers whenever there is a threatening cloud passing by

Yes -- let alone when there's an ice storm, like hit the Atlanta area on consecutive weekends in January 2000. The second of which was Super Bowl Sunday.

We did get our power back long before kickoff, but the apprehension was trauma enough. I still bear the emotional scars.

And then the game turned out to be one of the closest and most exciting in Super Bowl history, with my team losing by the skin of their teeth due to an unsuccessful last-minute scoring attempt.

I need therapy.

<opens a beer, takes a long pull>

Ahhh. Therapy.

Bummer.Tony, it's ... (Below threshold)


Tony, it's tough to keep the power running when the poles/wires are down. We had a lot of trees felled by wind with these two storms. Add the intense lightning and it was probably a bit much for the system. Actually, Virginia is in much better shape than Maryland, which I consider to be the trailer park of the east coast (you know, when tornadoes "attack" trailer parks - same idea).

Service varies from power c... (Below threshold)

Service varies from power company to company too. We've got NOVEC, and I'll bet we've only lost power maybe 10 times in 15 years. Right across the river is PEPCO, and some of those folks lose power if a sparrow sneezes.






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