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$5,000 for your childs innocence? The sycophants will be drooling to ship their kids off to the home of the poster boy for repressed pedeophiliphic tendencies.

The Arizona Republic - Like a real-life Willy Wonka, Michael Jackson has announced plans to open his carnival-style Neverland Ranch estate to 500 guests for a Sept. 13 gathering, complete with dinner, magicians, games and a tractor-trailer full of stuffed animals.

Tickets for two people cost $5,000, with $1,000 from each sale to be divided among three charities, according to Jackson publicist Stuart Backerman.

The amazingly lifelike Jackson will keep the rest - Backerman said it would pay for the party (and, perhaps, for a Spider-Man mask or two for Jackson's kids?).


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Comments (3)

Michael Jackson is NOT a pe... (Below threshold)
Lisa C:

Michael Jackson is NOT a pedophile! Where is the coverage on Evan Chandler and his illegal drug use on his son? Why did Evan use a psychotic drug to do dental work on his own kid? Why no mention of his ex-lawyer Rotham owing child support himself? Why no mention that after the 1993 allegations that Michael Jackson won 3 yes 3 legal battles against former employees who admitted to lying about Michael Jackson? Why no recant on Latoya Jackson taking back allegations of Michael doing improper things to boys a charge she admits were false but says she was forced to say bad things against Michael because of her husband? Please let the truth be heard once and for all! Michael does not abuse children!!!

Jackson won 3 yes 3 ... (Below threshold)

Jackson won 3 yes 3 legal battles against former employees who admitted to lying about Michael Jackson?

At no point did these people admit to lying about Michael Jackson. The cases (which were about wrongful dismissal) were thrown out because it was found that there was no wrongful dismissal. Period. The case made NO judgement about whether these employees saw what they claimed to see.

Michaela<br... (Below threshold)
dave anders:

Did you hear about Michaela Jackson having babies?
Yesterday afternoon Michaela stopped her toilet with one of her fake sanitary napkins-
you know with the smeared catsup.She called the plumber, who fixed the plugged toilet quick. The plumber gave her advice- you should stop trying to be a woman. Michaela says- But I must be as close to a woman as I can. A woman has babies. Everybody knows I love children. The plumber thinks and gets an idea how to have a good sex time by fooling Michaela! Plumber says- Michaela, I know how you can have babies, if you do everything I say. Michaela says- Anything! The plumber says- Michaela, go lay on the bed, on your stomach with your dress up and your panties down. Michaela does as she is told. The plumber grins because he has fooled her! When the plumber finishes screwing Michaela he says to her- Michaela, when you finish sitting on the toilet tomorrow morning, look into it, you will see your babies. The next morning,
Michaela does look. A miracle has happened! Michaela starts playing with her new children and naming them.You are Michaela Jr turd- you have no nose, I love you the best. Hi Janet turd you are a girl, but you can stay. You must be mama turd- you are fat! You are Joe turd- I will flush you later so you will not hurt my babies like the real Joe did me. And La Toya turd, I will flush you because you tried to stop me from having rubba with my little boys. Michaela talks and talks with her little babies. Smiling, patting them on their tiny heads, being the only person happy to smell ----. Happiness is Michaela's. The End.






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