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Weekend Caption Contest™ Extravaganza!

Pull out your beach towels and work on your "captioning skills" if that's what you want to call it. This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ just couldn't wait until Friday, for obvious reasons.

From the MTV Video Music Awards Britney, Christina, and Madonna share intimate, if calculated, moments.

Enter your best caption for one or all of the pictures. Use the listed picture numbers when captioning individual pictures . Winners for each picture will be announced Sunday.


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Comments (21)

Michael and Lisa Marie had ... (Below threshold)

Michael and Lisa Marie had nothing on THIS kiss.

Fade in....Blonde #1... (Below threshold)

Fade in....
Blonde #1: "Hmmmm, you taste great!"
Blonde #2: "Oohhh yeah, and you must be less filling."
Blondes: continue kissing for 20 minutes
Camera pans out...
Fade to Miller Lite logo.
Fade to black...

Well, Ms. Aguilera, we can ... (Below threshold)

Well, Ms. Aguilera, we can definitely pinpoint the source of those mysterious mouth sores.

Are the Altoids working?</p... (Below threshold)

Are the Altoids working?

Didn't Britney and Christin... (Below threshold)

Didn't Britney and Christina kiss? Those two looked like they were mouth kissing their mother. Ironically, Madonna is old enough to be their mother.

Somewhere in the audience, ... (Below threshold)

Somewhere in the audience, Justin Timberlake is thinking, "Sweet, they're swapping MY bodily fluids."

Someone very cruel told Mad... (Below threshold)

Someone very cruel told Madonna that a career that still mattered was in Brittney's mouth.


I stole your pics!... (Below threshold)

I stole your pics!

1. Madonna: "You're young e... (Below threshold)

1. Madonna: "You're young enough to be my daughter. oh, f*ck it. My career needs another boost."
2. Britney: "Whoa, I wasn't expecting tongue!"
3. The crowd knew exactly what their hands were doing during the kiss.

Wow--you chicks really DO t... (Below threshold)

Wow--you chicks really DO taste like chicken!

2: Dear God - those two sha... (Below threshold)

2: Dear God - those two shades of blond are so radioactive that their fusion will cause a nuclear meltdown! DUCK AND COVER!

#2: "You lose, here's your... (Below threshold)

#2: "You lose, here's your gum back."

#1: Like a virgin, indeed.

#1: The madam hypes her newest acquisitions.

#2 and #3: Shouldn't they be wearing body condoms?

#2 and #3: Don't worry kids, this isn't sex and doesn't lead to anything resembling sex.

All: Can you believe people used to think Andrew Dice Clay was beyond the pale?

Hmmmm...no, you didn't drin... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm...no, you didn't drink my Bailey's. No, you didn't drink my Bailey's, either...

"The reason I won't let my ... (Below threshold)

"The reason I won't let my young sons watch MTV for a loooong time."

MTV's new motto: "Who need... (Below threshold)

MTV's new motto: "Who needs music? We've got kissing chicks!"

(I am old enough to remember when MTV actually played music videos all day long.)

It doesn't surprise me. Bri... (Below threshold)

It doesn't surprise me. Britney has more testosterone than Madonna's last eight or nine huisbands/boyfriends/DNA donors...

LOL ...Well Done Aaron for ... (Below threshold)

LOL ...Well Done Aaron for the baileys comment...It bought a smile to my face...Although after seeing a kiss like THAT ...who wouldn't be smiling eh ? ;-)

Juicyfull gum lasts sooo lo... (Below threshold)
Bob Morace:

Juicyfull gum lasts sooo long, two out of three
users chew the same stick.

Remember our slogan: The Gum that gets you to first base.

Brittany: Hehe, your mouth ... (Below threshold)

Brittany: Hehe, your mouth tastes like burning.
Madonna: Shut up you big baby and kiss me.
Christina: Tell me i kiss better than her, or my career is over
Madonna: your career is already over hunnie, im just trying to get you a little publicity. But wait, the camera really dosent really care about you, haha, they just focused on britany, sorry hunnie, your over

If you've ever wondered whe... (Below threshold)

If you've ever wondered where those really "industrial strength" STD's come from..here you are!

#2: Britney: "Madonn... (Below threshold)

#2: Britney: "Madonna, are you sure this tongue moving lesson will improve my singing?"






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