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And Here's Your First Blaster Arrest

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. cyber investigators arrested a Minnesota teenager Friday who the FBI said has admitted unleashing one version of a damaging virus-like infection weeks ago on the Internet. A court official identified the teenager as Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18, of Hopkins, Minn., known online as "teekid." In an interview with FBI Special Agent Eric Smithmier, Parson admitted modifying the original "Blaster" infection and creating a version known by a variety of different names, including "Blaster.B.," court papers said.

Good job guys, but nothing in his online persona indicates that he is anything more than a script kiddie. He's not the original author. Unfortunately for him he's 18 and looking at adult charges. It will be interesting to see if they pursue the terrorism angle that was discussed the other day. Seems like a baseless charge in this kids case.

In 10 minutes here's what I found out about him:


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Comments (3)

However, you did fail to me... (Below threshold)

However, you did fail to mention that he was butt-ugly and lived in Minnesota. I didn't.

Asshat. And fugly, too.</p... (Below threshold)

Asshat. And fugly, too.

If he were a smart script k... (Below threshold)

If he were a smart script kiddie, he wouldn't have left a trail leading back to him. Took all of 10 seconds to find it on Google if that.

He does suck at web design if the cached page is any example.






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