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Blast Him

I was running out the door as I posted this... It's nice to know that someone may get nabbed for creating this worm. I still think you will find a minor involved.

MSNBC -Government officials say they are closing in on a suspect they believe is responsible for a variant of the MSBlaster worm, NBC News has learned. The suspect is under surveillance and could be arrested as soon as Friday, the officials told NBC's Pete Williams.

Another source familiar with the investigation told MSNBC.com that a series of subpoenas had been issued in an effort to learn more information about an Internet Relay Chat room where copies of the worm were distributed and altered.

Update: See the updated post with arrest details.


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UPDATE: He's 18, Kevin. Th ... (Below threshold)

UPDATE: He's 18, Kevin. Th feauture is in yahoo news. Lazy me, slap me silly.






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