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Bridezilla Gets Fine

That peach of a bride, Adrienne Samen was fined $90 for her little rampage.

MANCHESTER, Conn. (AP) - A woman dubbed "Bridezilla" after police said she went on a rampage at her wedding reception pleaded guilty Thursday to a reduced charge of creating a public disturbance. Adrienne T. Samen, 18, was fined $90.

Samen, of North Haven, was arrested on criminal mischief and breach of peace charges on Aug. 16 after police responded to her wedding reception at The Mill on the River restaurant in South Windsor.

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How much you wanna bet the ... (Below threshold)

How much you wanna bet the mug shot and the receipt for the fine end up in their "Precious Memories" album?

18? She looks 40! And tha... (Below threshold)

18? She looks 40! And that tattoo on her chest really clashes with the wedding gown.

White. Trash. Loser.

I sincerely hope that Groom... (Below threshold)

I sincerely hope that Groomzilla gets the marriage anulled!






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