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Pornography: The Musical

From the "What will they think of next?" file...

The Independent (UK) - Television has never depicted anything like it. Channel 4 is to broadcast the most sexually explicit TV programme yet - Pornography: The Musical. It is the product of an oddball collaboration between one of Britain's leading poets and an award-winning documentary crew.

What sets it apart from most films about the subject is its bizarre juxtaposition of candid interviews with the women and sequences in which they sing about their work while stripping or performing sex acts. Though the words they speak are all their own, the lyrics have been written by the prize-winning poet Simon Armitage.

In the film's most graphic sequence, a porn actress breaks into song in-between performing oral sex on a group of 12 men at a "bukkake party" - a practice purportedly based on a traditional Japanese punishment for unfaithful wives. She later gives an interview while cleaning herself up.

Comments (5)

EW!Is that a micro... (Below threshold)


Is that a microphone you're holding or are you glad to see me?


I loved it. it only took me... (Below threshold)

I loved it. it only took me 10mins before i came

it was absoloutely terrible... (Below threshold)

it was absoloutely terrible. pretentous poetry matched with bad music and whores who cant sing what a waste of time. it was a complete joke

I loved it will it be on tv... (Below threshold)

I loved it will it be on tv agai?

It was different, interesti... (Below threshold)

It was different, interesting enough to watch... I'm glad it was made but really wasn't great TV. I can still remember the songs now, so they were fairly haunting altough they were obviously (endearingly) crap in every way. Whores that can't sing is about right but I enjoyed that anyway, in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.

I have no idea why Simon Armitage had to be involved, the lyrics to the songs were awful (especially the camwhore's song, oh please..) Carol Ann Duffy no doubt would have done a better job. A new twist on a porn documentary that should have come out less banal than this.






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