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Technorati Down Up

Technorati appears to be down. I went to Dave Sifry's blog and found this, but it's from a week ago. Must be a different problem.

Update: Dave details the problem in the comments. Vacations are database problem magnets...


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Comments (3)

It’s been down since ... (Below threshold)

It’s been down since yesterday, and Daypop too. Haven’t heard why…

I know this use of the word... (Below threshold)

I know this use of the word "down" has worked its way into our vocabulary now to mean "inoperative", but I still can't quite escape the association with feeling down.

Technorati's down? Aw. We all have those days. We should send it some flowers and take it out for a drink.


Hey, I'd love some flowers ... (Below threshold)

Hey, I'd love some flowers and chocolates, thanks. :-)

Yes, the site went down early Saturday morning, a master database machine on one of our clusters went wacky. Normally, that wouldn't be much of a problem, but of course, Murphy had his way, as I was just about to get on a plane with the family for a vacation. :-(

So, what would have ordinarily not been a serious problem turned into one, primarily because I couldn't get in there and fix things right away.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Things should be back up again - I mean, I found this post via my Technorati watchlist... :-)







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