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So you're stuffed to the gills with Labor Day picnic food, and you've sat down to do a little blog surfing...

I need your help. SportsBlog is open for business while we are working on the plumbing (so to speak). SportsBlog has lots of great information and we're working on presenting the infomation in the most accessible format possible. I've got a tabbed interface to the major sports layed out and a bunch of other things cooking.

I like blogs, and of couse I love your site design and layout (obligitory disclaimer). What I'm looking for is the most un-bloglike layout for a blog that you've seen. Think cool, think slick, think newpaper-ish. The goal is to stuff SportsBlog into a layout that doesn't resemble a "classic" blog format. I can't be everywhere at once, so I though I'd solicit a little imput. For example the new TechCentralStation is pretty neat, although I'm not sure it is running on blogging software.

P.S. - Be nice to Michele. The Axis of Naughty will lay down some serious blogging smack on you if you're not!

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Hi, Kevin.Check ou... (Below threshold)

Hi, Kevin.

Check out 1924.org (http://www.1924.org) ("Informing the Muslim Community in Britain"). It's running pMachine, a popular blogging software, but you'd hardly know it from its "newsy" interface. Along the side are the sections (categories?). Notice when you click on each how the "1924.org" graphic and banner change and are color coded to each setion/category.

Very elegant site, IMHO. I'll try to find some more inspiration for you.

Oh, and.... I have NOT forgotten.

I like that Tech Central. T... (Below threshold)

I like that Tech Central. There's also the Mosaic (http://www.mosaicworkshop.org/news/)






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