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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

From the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony lesbian kiss number that I used as material for a caption contest here. The winning entries:

Picture 1 (Madonna stroking Britney's chin with Christina looking on)
Steven - MTV's new motto: "Who needs music? We've got kissing chicks!"

Picture 2 (Madonna kissing Britney) -
David Strain
- Someone very cruel told Madonna that a career that still mattered was in Brittney's mouth.

Picture 3 (Madonna kissing Christina) -
Norbizness - Well, Ms. Aguilera, we can definitely pinpoint the source of those mysterious mouth sores.

Check back Friday for a new Weekend Caption Contest™. The contest starts on Friday, and winners are announced Sunday.


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Comments (1)

Oh, David, OUCH!*s... (Below threshold)

Oh, David, OUCH!

*snicker* Good one....






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