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Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 9

The Bonfire of the Vanities heads back to school after a rainy summer! The motto this week is "Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?". All of this weeks paltry number of entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire...

Bonfire of the Vanities

If you want to be reminded to enter the Bonfire each week via e-mail, subscribe to the Bonfire mailing list. If you just want to make sure your e-mail account is not over it's quota, the list can help you there too.

On with the abbreviated Tour de Suck...

Illuminating The Blogosphere With Heroic Displays Of Ineptitude
  • Harvey doesn't tell jokes when the wife is reading the blog, he links them. And a bonus link to a good post that points out the Bonfire-ish ineptitude of a religious currency defacer.
  • Susie points out that the "lunch rush" at her blog consists of 8 "customers". Note to Susie: Liver and onions never draws a big lunch crowd.
  • McGehee is shocked and dismayed that his Google rank for the search term "cartoon pictures of lawnmowers" is falling fast. Let me repeat that one more time: "cartoon pictures of lawnmowers" is not a good way to find McGehee on Google. After today though it will be an excellent way to find Wizbang.
  • Tiger is mocking an unemployed former sex addict president by writing journal entries in his name. It is beneath all level of civility and decorum, hence it is a natural for the Bonfire.
  • Jay pulls a Sally Field award show moment in thanking everyone who links him. Then he goes all beauty queen contestant to close out his acceptance speech
  • Adam shamelessly google baits for supermodels, BET readers, and Britney fans; baby, baby one more time.
  • Pete single handedly tries to help InstaPundit regain the top spot on the Ecosystem. No Instalanches were forthcoming. Note to Pete: Always say something nasty about Frank J for those.
  • Sean started a weblog weekly pick 'em game. It was too complicated for him, so he joined mine.
  • I offer up this post where I highlight "Pornography The Musical" solely because the word "bukkake" is funny. Take that you Google baiters!

Want To Join?
E-mail me a link to your worst post of the week and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Get your entries for next week's edition to me via e-mail by midnight EST Monday September 8th. Please use BOTV 10 Entry in the subject line. Need a reminder? Subscribe to the mailing list.


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Comments (5)

August 8th? I assume you m... (Below threshold)

August 8th? I assume you mean September 8th. Unless that's some sort of inside joke I'm not getting.

Fixed. Entrants for the ne... (Below threshold)

Fixed. Entrants for the next edition (Bonfire 10) will no longer need to travel backwards in time to meet the deadline.

Damn, and I was one diode a... (Below threshold)

Damn, and I was one diode away from repairing my time machine. Oh well, I can always go back and save John Connor.

is it just me or does that ... (Below threshold)

is it just me or does that pic look like a cross burning???

"The Klan shall rise AGAIN!"


It's the Texas A&M bonfire.... (Below threshold)

It's the Texas A&M bonfire. After the collapse I'm not sure if they do it anymore.






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