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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, and that means its time for the Weekend Caption Contest™. Winners will be announced Sunday.


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Comments (8)

The happy couple prepares t... (Below threshold)

The happy couple prepares to cut the cake...

Michael, could you tell me ... (Below threshold)

Michael, could you tell me the name of your plastic surgeon again?

Two possible captions come ... (Below threshold)

Two possible captions come to mind:

(1) David Blaine introduces reporters to Jacko Ono, his new mail-order geisha bride.

(2) David Blaine and Michael Jackson announce plans for Blaine's greatest trick to date: to make the last twenty years of Michael's career disappear. "It'll be just like Thriller was released yesterday when I'm done," explained Blaine.

A passable likeness of me, ... (Below threshold)

A passable likeness of me, Madame Tussaud, but I do think the nose could use a little work.

Oooo, look, monkeyboy has h... (Below threshold)

Oooo, look, monkeyboy has his own monkey.

This pic begs to be photoshopped.

The direct opposite of the ... (Below threshold)

The direct opposite of the Brittney-Madonna kiss.

"Concentrate, Michael! Bend... (Below threshold)

"Concentrate, Michael! Bending your gender is much harder than bending spoons. CONCENTRATE!"

I simply explained how much... (Below threshold)

I simply explained how much they could save in makeup cost alone and just like that you're the new star of 'Planet of the Apes IV"






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