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Abbas Resigns

This is bad news for the region, but it may provide cover for Israel to remove Arafat once and for all.

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, increasingly unpopular and worn out by a power struggle with Yasser Arafat, submitted his resignation Saturday, dealing a serious blow to a U.S.-backed peace plan.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's office warned it would not agree to Arafat heading the Palestinian government, and a senior Israeli official demanded that Arafat be sent into exile.

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W. has already said, throug... (Below threshold)

W. has already said, through his spokespeople Condi and Powell, that the Israelis may not touch a hair of Arashat's head.

I don't know why they don't just drop a bomb on his Ramallah digs. They'd get him, plus 200 of the worst terrorists in the territories.







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