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Open Range Mini Review

It was date night for me and the misses tonight. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, spent an hour browsing around Borders Book (they didn't have Virginia Postrel's new book in stock unfortunately). We have probably been to the movies 3 or 4 times together this year, so we try to make it a good one. Tonight we elected to see Open Range.

Kevin Costner may be many things, but he is a good director. He does have a sense of style for capturing the grandeur of the West. Robert Duvall is excellent as usual, and even the occasionally annoying Annette Benning is gives a good performance. I won't bore you with the plot details; there are a hundred other sites to get that information.

Anyways Open Range is the best western since Unforgiven. Definitely worth the price of a babysitter.

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I'm a big fan of Robert Duv... (Below threshold)

I'm a big fan of Robert Duvall in Westerns, and I'm defeinitely planning to see Open Range -- though probably not until it comes out on DVD.






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