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Cellphones On Planes

Frequent travelers had already been secretly turning on phones once the wheels hit the ground. At least on Northwest you won't have too feel guilty.

EAGAN, Minn. (AP) - Northwest Airlines has changed its policy to allow passengers to use cellular phones onboard planes after a plane has landed and left the active runway to taxi to the airport gate.

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I'm not normally rebellious... (Below threshold)

I'm not normally rebellious. But the cell phones on airplanes thing had always bugged me. I've flown on many flights with my cell phone on with nary a disturbance. I think it's somewhat of a myth that the signal interferes.

It was getting silly. I was... (Below threshold)

It was getting silly. I was once on a flight from San Francisco where we pulled up to the terminal but for some reason we could not disembark.

We sat there for 30 minutes unable to use our phones while I could see out the window, people in the terminal 50 feet away on their cell phone. I asked the stewardess†if she really thought the plane would crash but she would not answer.

I also noticed warning signs on gas pumps telling you to turn off phoen although to the best of my knowledge, there has never been a fire caused by that action.

it is just goofy.







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