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NewThink Conventional Wisdom

It's blog laboratory experimentation time. I've decided that it's time to see if the blogosphere has the power to create a new meme that filters it's way into the mainstream media.

Because people are basically sheep, and seem to be incapable of independent though (let alone research an issue) I've decided to make stuff up about politicians and see if I can make it stick. This is a proven strategy (see the "Bush lied" crowds antics).

Today's NewThink Conventional Wisdom (NCW) nugget: Howard Dean is a socialist.

Repeat over and over until it becomes conventional wisdom. Howard Dean should always be referred to as a socialist, and examples of his socialist plans should be noted. If you can't find a position of his that is strictly socialist, feel free to invent one for him. Other sites are strongly encouraged to extend and expand the mythology around this new bit of conventional wisdom. I promise to be a little more inventive in my next NCW nugget.


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Comments (6)

It's a little known fact th... (Below threshold)

It's a little known fact that Howard Dean favors a constitutional amendment guaranteeing to everyone the right to the fruits of everyone else's labor.

I know it's true 'cause I seen it on the Internet.

Wow, you really went out on... (Below threshold)

Wow, you really went out on a limb with that nugget. What next? Calling Arnold Schwarzenegger is a misogynist? Announcing that Al Sharpton is a racist? How about something a little less TRUE next time?

Dean's Socialist Health Care Plan

Guess I didn't get the joke... (Below threshold)

Guess I didn't get the joke until Coffee explained it to me.

oh please for god's sake. <... (Below threshold)

oh please for god's sake.

As a blogger who writes sat... (Below threshold)

As a blogger who writes satire (stuff that is almost 100% made up), I am amazed when I run across something I wrote restated as fact. It has happened on more than one occassion!

Sadly, there are people out there who actually believe that Michael Moore made school kids cry while delivering a speech at Eugene V. Debs Elementary School in Detroit (there is NO such school -- I made it up).

One lady wrote in my comments "Too bad you all canít handle the truth. Iím very proud that Eugene V. Debs Elementary allowed somebody who is not afraid of our government to try to open the eyes of our children."

I thought that more people would know who Debs was -- nope.

What, you're assuming that ... (Below threshold)

What, you're assuming that no urban-left administration of the late 60s or early 70s was capable of naming an elementary school after a prominent American Socialist? It wouldn't make me blink.






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