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Opus Returns

Both Michele and James noted that Berkeley Breathed is returning the the Sunday comics section with a stip titled, "Opus." I was always was partial to the other characters in Bloom County, but any Breathed is good news. Of course I'm a big Opus fan too, but I'd like to see some of the old characters as well.

Here is the transcript of Gene Weingarten's (of the Washington Post) Tuesday online chat where Berkeley Breathed stops by to ask a question. Do follow the link about the Doonesbury strip that was pulled... How lame is that?


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Comments (4)

Everytime I go to McDonald'... (Below threshold)

Everytime I go to McDonald's, the phrase "chicken McDeadlets" goes through my mind. All thanks to Berkeley Breathed.

Somehow I sense there will ... (Below threshold)

Somehow I sense there will have to be an appearance by Bill the Cat at some time or another. Aaaaacccccccckkk!!!!!!!

Any sighting of Opus usuall... (Below threshold)

Any sighting of Opus usually follows with one of Bill the Cat.

In re: the Doonesbury</... (Below threshold)

In re: the Doonesbury--the funny thing is that it ran in the Montgomery Advertiser, while WaPo spiked it.






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