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American Psycho Meets Batman

Christian Bale, best known as Patrick Bateman from the movie American Psycho, has been picked by Warner Brothers to take over the role of Batman in the latest installment.

Memento director Christopher Nolan will direct Bale in "Batman: Year One" which focuses on Bruce Wayne's first year as a crime fighter.

You already knew Bale as Bateman, just drop the "e" and you're all set. Perhaps Batman can ask the villain, "Do you like Huey Lewis?"

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Comments (2)

Well, crap! I guess there i... (Below threshold)

Well, crap! I guess there is no need for me to wait any longer on that call from my agent. I am still hoping to get the role of Ernest, though, if anyone is interested in continuing that movie series.

That guy was downright scar... (Below threshold)

That guy was downright scary. No MAN is that neat. It just isn't normal. (Well, I guess he fits THAT bill! My favorite line, "Mergers and Acquisitions?" "No, murders and executions."







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