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Instapundo Delirio?

Or fearless leader has joined the alliance against himself! Has control of InstaPundit been seized by the enemy, or has the wind been taken out of their sails by this deviously conceived act? Well it doesn't much matter as the Axis of Naughty still supports Glenn and battles the forces of the Alliance on all turfs. We'll even defend Glenn against himself should he post filthy lies about himself.

Never fear Axis members, expect Frank to join the Axis of Naughty in retaliation.

Update: The Smarter Cop has the scoop on the backstory here. It's all so clear now!


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Comments (2)

LOL! Which side am I on aga... (Below threshold)

LOL! Which side am I on again? Oh, wait! Both!

I'm Switzerland in this bat... (Below threshold)

I'm Switzerland in this battle. I'll just sit back and take blogosphere money (links) from both sides...






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