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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday night so it must be time for the Weekend Caption Contest™. As always the winners will be announced Sunday, so don't wait too long to get your caption in.


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Comments (20)

Your in for a good time, Ho... (Below threshold)

Your in for a good time, Honey...

The latest Microsoft input ... (Below threshold)

The latest Microsoft input devices features Plug and Play, and allows you to stream your data directly to Word or Excel.

French obedience school for... (Below threshold)

French obedience school for poodles now teaches abandonment survival skills to pupils.

Is it really fairplay to sn... (Below threshold)

Is it really fairplay to sneak into Frank J.'s computer and steal his "Me time." files?

All Your Toilets Are Belong... (Below threshold)

All Your Toilets Are Belong To Us!

France's latest export: the... (Below threshold)

France's latest export: the combination facial/bidet.

"Would you like to see my a... (Below threshold)

"Would you like to see my alien baby?"


"Well, there's a baby-changing station in here. How can this not be a crib?"

Oops! My bad spelling, tha... (Below threshold)

Oops! My bad spelling, that should have been:

You're in for a good time...

After engaging in rough gay... (Below threshold)

After engaging in rough gay animal-sex while wearing the Dow Chemical Bodycondom Suit, remember to vomit up any swallowed platypus semen into the nearest plumbing recepticle.

In 2075, France makes anoth... (Below threshold)

In 2075, France makes another attempt to introduce "superior personal hygiene" to America when they introduce advertising mascot Bridgette Bidet.

This is why I don't ... (Below threshold)

This is why I don't click links in porn spam.

Jenelle demonstrates the on... (Below threshold)

Jenelle demonstrates the only French contribution to the International Space Station.

Silly American, we French p... (Below threshold)

Silly American, we French pronounce 'drinking fountain' as 'bih-day'

HomeDepot if Trekkies ruled... (Below threshold)

HomeDepot if Trekkies ruled the world.

And this is where they'll f... (Below threshold)

And this is where they'll find my agent's head once I'm done with this gig...

FutureMom explains to her i... (Below threshold)

FutureMom explains to her in-vitro son where all his siblings went...

"And now, the moment you've... (Below threshold)

"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... it is our pleasure to introduce MISTER HANKY AND HIS DANCING HANKY SKANKS!"

What one sees in the bathro... (Below threshold)

What one sees in the bathroom after a night of drinking Absinthe with malt liquor chasers.

People of Earth take me to ... (Below threshold)

People of Earth take me to your.... BLAAARCH!

I asked: Where would you li... (Below threshold)
ola troll:

I asked: Where would you like the money shot?






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