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Hillary Clinton - Online Porn Queen?

$1000 to chat with Hillary Clinton? Seems kind of steep when Ron Palillo (Horeshack) will call you for $19.95. She's in league with the high class online porn girls at that price, and it's not at all clear if the chat session will have a web cam. Imagine what $1000 would buy you with Jenna Jameson... At that price you should get to ask Hillary to do some stuff, if you know what I mean...

Anyway here is the quote from the Friends Of Hillary site:

HILLRAISERS - We hope you’ll work with us at Friends of Hillary, because together we can make a difference. Not by getting in the gutter with the mudslingers – but by getting organized and spreading the word about what Hillary Clinton stands for and the ideals she’s fighting for every single day By becoming a HILLRAISER, you can fight back against the politics of personal destruction. You can spread the word about Hillary’s work for the state of New York and the country, as well as raise money to help Hillary fight back.

And if you raise $1,000 in online contributions through your personalized Friends of Hillary web page before October 10, you can participate in a live online chat with Hillary on Wednesday October 15!

Just to be clear I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton, but it would be a kick to be in on that chat. Since I thought of it first, it might as well be me. If I see any other bloggers trying this stunt I will mock them without mercy!

I'll ask as may inane questions as possible before they kick me off. Sponsors get to suggest questions. Here's the link to get me to toward the $1,000 goal - CLICK HERE.

This is real money going to the real Hillary Clinton, so if you contribute; know that it's really going to her. If you were going to contribute anyway I figured that you might as well do it in my name.


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Comments (4)

Man, she ain't getting a ce... (Below threshold)

Man, she ain't getting a cent from me.

Me either, but if some one ... (Below threshold)

Me either, but if some one else feels like giving in my name...

I have a feeling you'd have... (Below threshold)

I have a feeling you'd have better luck raising $1000 toward Jenna...

I'll give ya $5 if you p... (Below threshold)

I'll give ya $5 if you pretend you were in on the chat, but promise not to send it to her...






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