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Great Moments In Medicine


Herald Sun - A woman was given a caesarean operation after mistakenly being diagnosed as pregnant. The woman, 38, was suffering from severe high blood pressure.

The overweight woman was brought to Royal Darwin Hospital suffering stomach pains.
Doctors, including two obstetrics specialists, performed the emergency procedure -- only to discover there was no baby.


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Now that's just stupid...</... (Below threshold)

Now that's just stupid...

I sense a great lawsuit com... (Below threshold)

I sense a great lawsuit coming.

I had a very good friend wi... (Below threshold)

I had a very good friend with a so-called "hysterical pregnancy." I and several other of her friends were having babies and she desperately wanted one, but had very unfortunate health problems - she was lucky she was alive, and her changes of being able to carry a pregnancy were very slim.

Nonetheless, she had a positive pregnancy test and for several months insisted she was pregnant - had all the proper signs, morning sickness, growing tummy, you name it. Subsequent tests were inconclusing for a long time, until the point that she would have been about four months pregnant. At that point, a doctor did an ultrasound and was able to get good enough pictures to really show her that sadly there was nothing there. He thought that she had conceived but had miscarried early on, but wanted the baby so badly that the various signs manifested.

My guess is that this English lady wanted it badly and didn't go to doctors throughout her "pregnancy" because she didn't want to hear it. When someone comes in, insists they are pregnant, shows all signs of being pregnant and in a crisis - well, it would have been good if they could have waited for conclusive tests, but ER people have to walk that fine line every day - too much caution and you'll be seeing dead people.

Erp, next time I'll use the... (Below threshold)

Erp, next time I'll use the "preview" option - sorry for the typos.






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