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WaPo Slang

The endorsements of a labor union in the New Hampshire primary rates in newsworthiness about on the level of a press release from the Gary Coleman for Governor of California campaign. What is noteworthy, in my opinion, is the use of language. Since when does the word "hosed" get used in the Washington Post?

Dean's Failure to Woo N.H. Firefighters May Cost Him Endorsement (washingtonpost.com) - Red-hot Democratic presidential aspirant Howard Dean is about to get some cold water thrown on his candidacy. Sparks are flying between the former Vermont governor and a crucial group in the New Hampshire primaries, the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire labor union. The group's fiercely active 1,200 members and their highly visible mode of transportation were instrumental in Al Gore's defeat of Bill Bradley in the New Hampshire primary in 2000. This time, Dean is in the hot seat.

..people who have been following the endorsement sweepstakes say Dean will be hosed. Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) is said to be the heavy favorite for the endorsement, which would be his first from an AFL-CIO union.


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