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Welcome War Sightseers

What, you may ask, is the Axis of Naughty?

Well it's a loosely federated group of superior bloggers who understand the value of an InstaPundit link. We have all set out our support for Glenn in a post on our blog. The blogroll listing on the Axis Headquarters page links directly to that statement of support. That's the only requirement for membership.

Beyond that we enjoy occasionally dishing out a little abuse to the frequently deserving Frank J.

Unlike the Alliance, we make no demands upon our members; there are no ritual sacrafices of small animals; and none of us has to pretend that we don't notice Franks monkey odors. The Axis doesn't spread filthy lies, we tell the truth - and when it comes to the Alliance, the truth hurts...

Also, unlike the Alliance, Blog War is strictly a hobby for Axis memebers not a profession. We've got serious blogging to do (well most of us anyway).


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Comments (2)

Did you see who got an Inst... (Below threshold)

Did you see who got an InstaLink today? One of my very own this time.

How many InstaLinks does th... (Below threshold)

How many InstaLinks does this get me? I've had four so far, but want more. I've had a Frank-link, but it was hardly a blip on my traffic screen.






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