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Carnival Of The Vanities - Week 52

The prodigal son returns home the the Hraka. Silflay Hraka hosts the one year aniversary edition of the Carnival. Each post has been thoughtfully excerpted and presented in an extremely readable format. Go enjoy the goodness and thank Bigwig for his stewardship.

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Yeah, Bigwig put a lot of e... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Bigwig put a lot of effort into it. He must have read all the posts. Thanks to him and you (for the Bonfire, that is) for all of your hard work to get these collections put together.

Kevin-Being a fairly... (Below threshold)

Being a fairly new blogger, I am really interested in the Carnival. I was talking about it with another newbee and wondering how to submit an entry. Someone had mentioned to him that it was by invitation only and we just wanted find out some info about it.
Thanks for your time.

It's absolutely open to any... (Below threshold)

It's absolutely open to anyone. The trick is to find out who is hosting it
each week and e-mail them you entry buy Tuesday of that week. See the
listing of upcoming stops on this weeks Carnival to find out who is hosting
it next week.

The Bonfire of the Vanities (for bad posts - self mockery and such) is
always hosted here and entries are due on Mondays..






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