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Don't Go To Work Tomorrow

I advise all members of the Axis of Isabel to stay home tomorrow and blog like it's 1999 the end of the world.

Metro Expects Systemwide Shutdown During Storm

Doesn't exactly make you want to head out on that commute in the morning does it? Stay home, drink heavily, and blog. Feel free to join us even if you're not in the direct path...

Update: The Federal Government will be closed tomorrow.

Comments (2)

Yep. I'm probably going to... (Below threshold)

Yep. I'm probably going to come in tomorrow, since I live so close to work, and head home a bit early if the storm appears on its way. I'll work from home Friday.

I'll be coming in to work i... (Below threshold)

I'll be coming in to work in the morning and most likely leaving in the early afternoon to try to beat the rush home when those first drops of rain start falling. Unless, of course, OPM decided to close the gov't, which isn't likely. I will probably stay home on Friday regardless. Assuming I have electricity, I will be blogging like a mad woman.






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