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More Useless Research

The solution is for the woman to go shopping without the man. Marital bliss will ensue...

Couples who go shopping together should only do so for 72 minutes or risk an argument, according to researchers. That's the point at which men reach breaking point, but women can go for a further 28 minutes. The author of the report, Dr Tim Denison, says the solution to happy shopping is for the [women] to continue shopping without the [men].

Read the whole Sky News article.

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Isn't that why there's at l... (Below threshold)

Isn't that why there's at least one Oshman's and a Chelsea Street Pub (or similar) in every mall in America? So the men can go park themselves somewhere where they don't have to stare at frilly panties (and not be able to do a thing about it), mountains of shoes, purses, slips, teddies, makeup and perfume?!






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