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Tasteful Nude Governor?

Is it her? Would you really care if it was?

HELENA - A new sculpture on a building near downtown Helena, intended to depict key historical players in the city's history, includes a naked bordello dancer that some say has a striking resemblance to Gov. Judy Martz.

Martz, driven in a Montana Highway Patrol car and accompanied by top aides, left her office in the Capitol on Thursday to examine the sculptured mural. She called it a "stretch of the imagination" that the artist sculpted her face on the naked dancer that's kicking up her heels with two other unclothed women.

"It's definitely not her," Kristine Veith, the Seattle artist who created the work, "The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Helena," said in a phone interview. "I don't think I even know what Judy Martz looks like."

Decide for yourself...


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Comments (7)

I've never seen an exotic d... (Below threshold)

I've never seen an exotic dancer with glasses.

That's downright scary...<b... (Below threshold)

That's downright scary...
Can we bring a class action suit against the fellow who inflicted this upon the world?

Damn. Whether it's her or n... (Below threshold)

Damn. Whether it's her or not is sort of irrelevant. What a crappy piece of art.

Unless that is Photoshopped... (Below threshold)

Unless that is Photoshopped, there isn't a doubt in my mind that Martz was the inspiration for that sculpture!

Aye Carumba! It's as if th... (Below threshold)

Aye Carumba! It's as if the statue came to life!

It's the attention to detai... (Below threshold)

It's the attention to detail that impresses me so much. In this case, the helmet hair, the glasses, the smile. All so realistic. And look, they even colored its mouth with lipstick.

The face is hers alright, i... (Below threshold)

The face is hers alright, it's the rest of the statue that might be somebody else.






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