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Things You Can Learn In A Hurricane

Meryl learns that procrastination does not pay.

From our last big power outage - We learned that meals should be planned accordingly. The oven and microwave are no good with the electricity gone (which it is not - yet), but the gas stove burners will keep on working. There is nothing worse that loosing power with an unfinished dinner in the oven. It looks like Mac & Cheese and stir fry veggies will be on the dinner menu!

Update: I've been so caught up in "stuff" I hadn't noticed that Jay is blogging up a storm on the storm as well. Pay him a visit.


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Wow - this looks like a coo... (Below threshold)

Wow - this looks like a cool site. Did this blog just start not too long ago?... I have never been here before. I notice that you have several sites blogrolled that I do as well (and that have mine on their blogrolls also). I started my blog during the last fall semester - it's incredible that it's been a year now.

Well, I should look around this site some more. I think that I will your link to my blogroll. Keep up the good work! :)






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