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Just What The Internet Needs - UN Involvement

Governments, via the United Nations, seem to believe that the Internet needs more meddling hands involved. Specifically UN control, which may be the worst idea ever .

CNN reports on the looming battle.

Lost in the standards body battles is the historical perspective on the growth of the Internet. What we know today as the Internet started as a government funded project at DARPA. It was the introduction of commercial activity and the ceding of control to the market that precipitated the growth of the Internet. There most certainly has been government involvement in the sanctioning of bodies like ICANN, but we are where we are today due to the commercialization of the Net.

It's a long involved topic, but given the Security Council's history would you want an organization like the UN making decisions regarding the Internet? I didn't think so...


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Comments (2)

That is a terrible idea. J... (Below threshold)

That is a terrible idea. Just terrible.

No no! All the right lette... (Below threshold)

No no! All the right letters, just one too many spaces...

Un Involvement becomes UnInvolvement.

Yes, that works.






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