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Permalink Contest Reminder

Given the dicey situation with my power at home, I will award the weekly Permaroll spot Saturday morning. Jen is about to loose her spot as payment for the Axis of Naughty name and last weeks winner Susie's spot is up for grabs. There's only one spot available and it could be yours. The site with the most Ecosystem links to Wizbang claims the spot for the week. See the contest details here. By the way, Kate at Electric Venon is offering a similar deal.

Counting Saturday morning means your links from Friday will ALL be included, hint hint...


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You neglected to mention th... (Below threshold)

You neglected to mention that Kate at Electric Venom (who has far better breasts and is ever so much more adept at whoring for links) offered a one month spot on the list of the Envenomed. Oh, and here's a scoop for you. I'm creating a new Axis. The "Axis of Venom." Because all of you pretty boys with your linkage can bite me. Brains + breasts + bitchiness = Broads.

Hmph.... (Below threshold)







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