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Pirate Talk

Jen and someone name Pete have hijacked the comments section on Frank's pirate post. They've used about every pirate term imaginable. Good thing it's Talk Like A Pirate Day or it would all be pretty silly.

Those who watched Survivor know that the theme this season is pirate oriented. Both tribes are named for famous pirates and they've even got a "Blackbeard" (Rupert). Unfortunately Nicole was voted out before we could confirm that she had nothing on under the dress.

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It was still pretty silly. ... (Below threshold)

It was still pretty silly. But a good time was had by most.

What is a swash buckler? / ... (Below threshold)

What is a swash buckler? / What is buckling your swash's?

Arrrgh! Be ye questioning t... (Below threshold)
Cap'n Paula:

Arrrgh! Be ye questioning th' talk of a pirate? have ye no respect!? >:( why! i bet ye all be a couple of landlubbers.. Savvy? i yi yi!

i need lots and lots of pir... (Below threshold)
Cap. Tom Vane:

i need lots and lots of pirate information preferrably 1600's through the 1700's and also contact info for people i could interview over the web(like historians etc...)please i need alot of secondary and primary scources.. send me a line

You can check out our site.... (Below threshold)

You can check out our site. It's devoted to Pirates and Piracy. History, Bio's Ships and a whole lot of fun!!!

Whats a swash buckler? <br ... (Below threshold)

Whats a swash buckler?
wanna find your pirate name? Go to:

If ya wanna talk like a pirate:






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