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Scene From A French Restaurant

From our dinner out Saturday night...

Me: Is this bottled water?
French Restaurant Waiter: No.

Me: In the wake of hurricane Isabel and the power outage at the water treatment facility, the County has ordered all tap water to be boiled. Is this tap water?
French Restaurant Waiter:Oui it's tap water.

Me: Has it been boiled?
French Restaurant Waiter: No, it's filtered.

Me: That is not sufficient according to health officials. What about the ice?
French Restaurant Waiter: The water is filtered.

Me: Do you have any non tap water?
French Restaurant Waiter: Oui. We have Perrier and other bottled water.

Me: Did you know most other restaurants have stopped serving drinks due to the water restrictions?
French Restaurant Waiter: No. The Perrier is $5 a bottle...

More proof of a great line by Rip Torn from the Larry Sanders Show, "As long as I can remember the French have been fucking us!"


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Comments (7)

Pssst.. We're boycotting... (Below threshold)

Pssst.. We're boycotting the French. Now go get a big mac, some freedom fries and a coke. ;-)

Yeah, good luck getting tha... (Below threshold)

Yeah, good luck getting that Coke - I stopped at the Golden Arches for lunch today and they weren't serving sodas at all because they use water in the mix of syrup and soda.

Call the health department ... (Below threshold)

Call the health department on the restaurant.

Yep. I went to Tyson's Gal... (Below threshold)

Yep. I went to Tyson's Galleria yesterday and the Maggiano's was closed because of the water. Cheesecake Factory--and everything else--was still open and just not serving water or tea.

I call them "<a href="http:... (Below threshold)

I call them "Baja Belgian" fries, myself.

For some time now I have be... (Below threshold)

For some time now I have been ordering my favorite sandwich at resturants as a "Cheese eating, wine sipping, surrender monkey Dip Sandwich" Suprizing how many know what that is and get a kick out of it.

Good one, Jerry. I've star... (Below threshold)

Good one, Jerry. I've stared asking for "french fried steak" (ie, chicken-fried). It's amazing how many waitresses know what I mean.






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