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Identity Theft

The Washington Post has a lengthy article on credit identity theft in the Sunday Magazine. You get to see the soft underbelly of the credit industry. Keep believing that technology will set you free...

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I read this a few weeks ago... (Below threshold)

I read this a few weeks ago and I can say from personal experience that this does happen.

Several years ago, a Secret Service agent came to my office and showed me a birth certificate, drivers license and social security card that had been confiscated from a man who tried to use them to get a passport. All of the items had my name on them!

The agent wanted to know if I recognised the man in the drivers license photo. I did not.

The agent wouldn't give me any more details, and the experience really scared the hell out of me. Was this an international terrorist? A drug dealer?

Luckily, there wasn't any credit fraud. But, I was terrified to travel.






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