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Slicky Boys

I thought I must be hallucinating, but this web site confirms a product I saw featured prominently at the local supermarket: Nair for Men

Don't they realize that they have destroyed the "plausible deniability" angle of the Nair product line? Throw a bottle of Nair in with the rest of the groceries including some other feminine products and a self respecting man might be able to buy their product.

Imagine the horror - Price check Aisle 4. Herb, what's the price on Nair for Men?"

Expect prominent product placement on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.


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A few years ago, I viewed a... (Below threshold)

A few years ago, I viewed a test commercial for a new mens shave cream in a marketing class.

The tagline was "Because men are shaving in places they've never shaved before."

The commercial featured a man with hairless legs and chest shaving his face in a locker room.

Shaving in the locker room is nothing new. Neither is shaving your face. The message was obvious -- men are now shaving their legs and chest.

They didn't show the man shaving his legs. That was determined to be too controversial. So, they just showed a man with a tan, hairless body shaving his beard.

Why is it "IN" for men to shave their bodies? Because it creates a new market for PRODUCTS! It is all about selling products.

Nope, not necessarily, Frit... (Below threshold)

Nope, not necessarily, Fritz.

It's often about sex.

Getting it. Or enjoying it more, or in different ways.

Hm. Now that I think about it, that's a common reason men shave their faces, too.

All I want to know is what ... (Below threshold)

All I want to know is what the heck is so wrong with body hair? I like it. Within reason. I mean, the "Sweater by Darwin" look might warrant the purchase of some Nair for men, but please, guys. Keep the hair. Anyone who is going to start complaining about you once you have your clothes off isn't worth keeping around, anyway. Don't you think?


I believe the correct respo... (Below threshold)

I believe the correct response to your question, David, is "speh."

Do you happen to know if it... (Below threshold)

Do you happen to know if it comes in a handy vat size for those of us who have so much we need to be dipped?

Is it ear and nose safe?

Not that I need it of course; I'm just asking for my fellow man.

well, men feel the need to ... (Below threshold)

well, men feel the need to shave their legs and chest because now...being hairy isnt much of a"turn on". It like the same reason why women shave their legs. if men had done it at the same time it became acceptable for women to shave,then it would b norman now!






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