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Veils Are The Anti-Viagra

Allah is trying to find a woman. Apparently the 72 virgins are not all they are cracked up to be, so female bloggers will have to do instead. You know it's getting a little cramped in the cave when Allah starts trolling for hits.


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"You know it's getting a... (Below threshold)

"You know it's getting a little cramped in the cave when Allah starts trolling for hits."

Allah knew the kufr would accuse him of this. I specifically chose five somewhat lesser-known female bloggers (all right, Spiers is an exception) because I didn't want it to seem as though I were trolling for hits. If I was looking for traffic, I would have made it a contest between Rachel Lucas, Meryl Yourish, Virginia Postrel, etc.

Yo, Allah. If you're going ... (Below threshold)

Yo, Allah. If you're going to blog, open it up to comments. I found out the hard way that worshippers are less likely to listen to a deity who doesn't seem to listen to them.

Unfortunately, my e-mail volume these days is such I can't answer any of it, but not only don't most people seem to mind, those I do respond to get called crazy when they admit I answered them.

Not that they're actually doing what I want them to do. So maybe I should answer the e-mail more. In fact...

Later, dude.

I do listen to my "worshipp... (Below threshold)

I do listen to my "worshippers" (via e-mail and their blog posts) and I'd love to open it up to comments. But gimme a break: The not-so-moderate Muslims who aren't big fans of Allah's blog would turn it into the biggest troll circle jerk in the blogosphere. Just not worth the hassle, unfortunately.

Bah. Allah is afraid of me.... (Below threshold)

Bah. Allah is afraid of me. That's why I'm not in the contest.

He's probably even more afraid of Rachel's gun collection. I think it's bigger than his.

Oooh, the Freudianisms in that paragraph....

Go Allah! You are the funni... (Below threshold)

Go Allah! You are the funniest ever.






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