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Zesty Mexican Food

Have pity on the Customs agents that will now have to slop through imported guacamole.

Authorities found 686 pounds of cocaine in 5-gallon buckets of guacamole in a west suburban warehouse and have charged four men with narcotics possession.

The Fiesta brand guacamole is a Mexican product and was delivered to the warehouse in an air-conditioned truck, police said. "It came right through the border," said Wayne Wiberg, commander of the Chicago police narcotic and gang investigations section. "You could be looking at 300 kilos of C4 explosives, instead of cocaine. That's what really bothers me."

Read the whole Chicago Sun Times article.


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Comments (2)

Can you imagine if it <a hr... (Below threshold)

Can you imagine if it exploded? Bring on the B movies!

I hope they had a lot of to... (Below threshold)

I hope they had a lot of tortilla chips on hand....






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