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Hitting On All Cylinders Again

Nothing like a little MySQL error to scare the bejezus out of me... Most of you probably didn't notice, but thanks to Meryl for e-mailing me, as I might not have noticed until tomorrow. All fixed now - amazingly enough it wasn't even my fault.

Of course since it was a MySQL error I couldn't make a post to explain what was going on... Blah...

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I just need to make sure...... (Below threshold)

I just need to make sure...

What does that mean in engl... (Below threshold)

What does that mean in english?

The database was not access... (Below threshold)

The database was not accessible. Comments and trackback pages would not display and I couldn't connect to the MT system to post.

I suppose that had nothing ... (Below threshold)

I suppose that had nothing do with why I couldn't get any posts after August 15 until this morning? I'd clear the cache, flush the history, and still when I'd visit via IE you were inviting me over to the snarkfest at Kate's. And this morning, hip-hip-hooray!, I visit and I can actually read up to today's date.






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