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In Case Of Emergency

Meryl Yourish notes that Hurricane Isabel shone a bright light on the weeknesses in "homeland security" and disaster preparedness. We knew it was coming did all the things we were told to do in preparation, and then watched as our states infrastructure imploded on itself.

Go ahead and feel safe and smug if you don't live in North Carolina or Virginia, but read Meryl's account of the crippling inertia in the federal and state disaster response and see if you're not just a little frightened at the prospects.

By the way, Virginia Governor Mark Warner said on the radio yesterday that some areas may not get electricity until NEXT MONTH. A rainstorm yesterday added 100,000 customers to the 600,000-800,000 in the region still without electricity.


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Am I crazy or am I the only... (Below threshold)

Am I crazy or am I the only fucking blogger in the blogoshere not on your blogroll? What a prick.

You're on it. Only the 50 ... (Below threshold)

You're on it. Only the 50 most recently updated are listed at a time, so sites come and go on the main page. That's why I've got a link to the full blogroll.

Sites that use blogrolling.com I find easily and put on the reciprocal blogroll. Sites that do not use blogrolling.com I add to the manual reciprocal blogroll as I find them. Last time I checked I was either not on yours or I missed it. That's fixed now.

Thanks. You know I was kid... (Below threshold)

Thanks. You know I was kidding, right?

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Next month? Sheesh.

Bill, you kiss your mother ... (Below threshold)

Bill, you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Geez, guy, if you sent me an email like that, even with a smiley face on it, I'd delete you from my blogroll and hack your site and replace it with a picture of Hillary and the words "BILL LOVES HILLARY" on it.






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