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Coupling - It Doesn't Suck

Moxie and I both worried this summer if a US version of Coupling would fall on its proverbial face. Well in my opinion, as a serious fan of the UK version, the NBC version acquits itself well. Here's why:

Steve - Jay Harrington as Steve brings is the emotional center of the show. Versus Jack Davenport's Steve the US version is played as a little less bumbling and a touch less pathetic. I think I may enjoy the Steve character more in the US version.

Susan - Reena Sofer is as good as the very sexy Sarah Alexander in the role of Susan. It's a good thing, as the Susan character as written can get a bit annoying.

Sally - Sonya Walger in the part played by Kate Isitt in the UK version is a work in progress. The first episode is not a good "Sally" episode. Isitt is at her best when obsessing about body parts and their endless and futile fight against gravity. Walger has yet to show anything, but the jury is still out.

Patrick - Colin Ferguson in the US version is not as funny as Ben Miles in the UK version, but he looks more the part of the deeply self obsessed himbo.

Jane - Lindsay Price plays the part very well. Gina Bellman in the UK version plays it ditzy as well, but Price came off just as well.

Jeff - Unfortunately Christopher Moynihan as Jeff, played in the UK version by Richard Coyle is a disappointment to anyone who is a fan of the British version of the show. There is almost no way to describe what Coyle's Jeff adds to the show. As delivered by Moynihan, Jeff's lines which are the backbone of the UK versions humor come off flat.

So leave the Friends comparisons for the blow hard critics. Any fan of the UK version should be comfortable in the US version. It's not as good, but it's not a disaster. It will be interesting to see how long they stick with the Steven Moffat scripts from the UK version. Once we see new material then the debate as to the merits of the US version can begin. Original material will appear in the first season of the US version.

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